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Environmentally Sound Automotive Air Filters

When I explain to someone that there are several lines of vehicle air filters available that are environmentally&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Environmentally-Sound-Automotive-Air-Filters-75917

Water Conservation Ideas for the Kitchen Sink

It can sometimes be difficult to visualize the importance and direct effect that simple conservation efforts can ha..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Water-Conservation-Ideas-for-the-Kitchen-Sink-66224

Trash Talk Your Way to a Better World

North Americans account for less than 10% of the world's population, yet we produce 50% of the world's garbage..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Trash-Talk-Your-Way-to-a-Better-World-66196

The Environmental Book on Everyone''s Lips

Question:<br /> <br /> What inspired you initially to begin your Trash Talk venture?<br /> <br /> Answer:<br..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/The-Environmental-Book-on-Everyones-Lips-66157

Reuse in the Workshop

The workshop is a great place for reusing items formally destined for the landfill. Even if you do not ha..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Reuse-in-the-Workshop-66126

Garbage in its Place

There is nothing worse than seeing garbage blowing down the street of your neighborhood, or finding broken shards&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Garbage-in-its-Place-66104

Energy Aware and Waste Wise

Constantly bombarded with negative information about the environment, finances and natural resources? Feeling overwhelmed? Each&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Energy-Aware-and-Waste-Wise-66084

Clean Vacationing

Admit it. When the sun is out and you are at your favorite campsite or cottage on the lake the last&..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Clean-Vacationing-66043

Efficiency Equals Reduction

Imagine that if at the grocery store the person bagging your purchases left empty, unused spaces in each bag&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Efficiency-Equals-Reduction-66015

Asia, Africa and Climate Modification

As often seems the case, less developed countries seem to receive the bulk of the impact when it comes to..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Asia-Africa-and-Climate-Modification-65975

Climate Change  What is it?

Climate change is an amazingly simple phrase for such a complex subject. Following, we have a go at defining&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Climate-Change-What-is-it-65944

Birds - The Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon is the best known falcon and most widespread in the world. However if you travel to ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Birds-The-Peregrine-Falcon-65908

Methane and Potential Impacts on Global Warming

Methane is a gas found on most planets with atmospheres. In limited amounts, it isnt a particularly problematic&nbs..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Methane-and-Potential-Impacts-on-Global-Warming-65861

Those Amazing Penguins

The movie, The March of the Penguins, has raised a great amount of interest in penguins. One never imagined&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Those-Amazing-Penguins-65831

Polar Bears in Trouble

Polar bears have long fascinated us. With their thick, white coats, they look incredibly cuddly, particularly the c..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Polar-Bears-in-Trouble-65809

The Arctic and the Melting

The Arctic is located at the top of Planet Earth, the location of the North Pole and rumored home a ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/The-Arctic-and-the-Melting-65771

Why Use Biomass for Our Energy Needs

The last five years has seen a revolution in how governments, people and industry view energy. The positive as..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Why-Use-Biomass-for-Our-Energy-Needs-65743

Do You Realize You Already Use Biomass Fuel in Your Vehicle

The call has gone out from President Bush to kick our oil habit. For many people, the mention of biomass&..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Do-You-Realize-You-Already-Use-Biomass-Fuel-in-Your-Vehicle-65719

Biomass: Heating Your Home WithCorn?

With fossil fuel prices expected to continue increasing, many people are nervous about future heating bills. Using ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/Biomass-Heating-Your-Home-WithCorn-65697

10 reasons to buy a hybrid car

Care for the environment? Want to save the planet? Then you must think in terms of fuel efficiency, non-pollut..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Environmental/10-reasons-to-buy-a-hybrid-car-65665

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