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Relationship Deal-breakers

In the 37 years that I have been counseling couples, I have discovered that there are only a few issues&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Relationship-Deal-breakers-73961

Date Lying

A reader of my articles wrote to me about the article I wrote entitled, Why do People Lie? He said t..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Date-Lying-73948

Overcoming Fears of Intimacy

Sam, age 42, had never been married. Its not that Sam had never fallen in love. But every time a rel..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Overcoming-Fears-of-Intimacy-73940

Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner

Mark sought my help because he was thinking of leaving his wife, Linda. He had not been feeling in love&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Speaking-Your-Truth-to-Your-Partner-73923

Relationships: Giving to Get

Are you giving love to your partner for the joy of giving, or are you giving to get love?<br /> <..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Relationships-Giving-to-Get-73915

The Powerful Secret to A Loving Relationship

There are many factors that go into creating a loving relationship. Certainly it helps if two people have some..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/The-Powerful-Secret-to-A-Loving-Relationship-73903

To End or Not to End Your Relationship

Vanessa, 30 years old, is struggling with whether or not to end her six-year marriage. The answer is not ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/To-End-or-Not-to-End-Your-Relationship-73895

Power Struggles  Being Right or Being Loving

Mandy and Evan consulted with me for couples counseling because they were always bickering. Every little thing seem..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Power-Struggles-Being-Right-or-Being-Loving-73885

Trust Starts with You

I have a hard time trusting people.<br /> <br /> I never feel like I can trust my husband (or wife..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Trust-Starts-with-You-73874

Should I Give Up Me To Not Lose You?

How far can you afford to bend your values to preserve your relationship? How far can you go in giving&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Should-I-Give-Up-Me-To-Not-Lose-You-73867

Rediscovering Love and Intimacy

Wendy started counseling with me because Terence, her husband of 14 years, had just expressed to her that he&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Rediscovering-Love-and-Intimacy-73855

How Can I Get My Partner To Change?

How much energy do you spend trying to get what you want from your partner? Think about it for a mom..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/How-Can-I-Get-My-Partner-To-Change-73848

Fight, Flight, or Loving Action

Fight or flight - our automatic response to danger. When fear is present, adrenaline pours into our system to&..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Fight-Flight-or-Loving-Action-73835

Ending Relationships Gracefully

In my counseling practice, I often hear the question, How do I end a relationship without hurting someones fee..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Ending-Relationships-Gracefully-73826

Discerning The Loving Heart

How often have you had the experience of connecting with someone  a friend or a potential partner  who&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Discerning-The-Loving-Heart-73817

Can This Relationship Be Helped?

I have been counseling couples for 35 years. Quite often individuals come in for help wondering if it is ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Can-This-Relationship-Be-Helped-73809

Anniversary Blues

Jamie and Kurt are a sweet, successful couple in their early thirties. In spite of loving each other deeply,&n..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Anniversary-Blues-73801

7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Good relationships dont just happen. Ive heard many of my clients state that, If I have to work at it,&nb..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/7-Ways-To-Improve-Your-Relationship-73791

Baggage Handling - And Not The Kind You Take On Vacation!

My friend Susan, a beautiful, intelligent and successful professional single, recently announced that her tumultuous 6-month&..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/Baggage-Handling-And-Not-The-Kind-You-Take-On-Vacation-73782

The Spouse, Mate, or Partner of the Narcissist

Question:<br /> <br /> What kind of a spouse/mate/partner is likely to be attracted to a narcissist?<br /> ..
2007-10-25 16:21:30http://www.blogvan.com/Society/The-Spouse-Mate-or-Partner-of-the-Narcissist-73767

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